Oral Health Care Information

For Patients and Supporters

Oral Care for People with Disabilities – Colgate/University of Adelaide. A pamphlet explaining dental treatment modifications that may be needed.
Brush My Teeth – St Michael’s House/ISDOH. Inclusive and accessible videos for people with an intellectual disability and their helpers.
Your Dental Health – Inclusion Melbourne. Resources for people with an intellectual disability, their supporters, and dental health professionals, including videos, assessment forms and a dual-read guide.
Healthy Smiles for Autism – National Museum of Dentistry, USA. Brochure with cut-out cards for visual schedules and social stories. Targeted towards children but could be adapted for adults.
Having a Dental General Anaesthetic – University College London Hospitals. An easy-read leaflet.
A Toolkit for Healthy Eating in Supported Accommodation – Metro South Health Queensland.

Dental Care – Dementia Australia
Oral Health and Parkinson’s – Parkinson’s Australia

For Healthcare Professionals

Online Training Resources (Free)

Dentists and Dementia – Australian Dental Association/Dementia Australia. 6 CPD modules for dental professionals comprising 19 videos. Requires ADA membership.

Oral Health Advice for Carers of People with a Disability – NSW Health. 4 short (<15min) videos developed from a carer perspective, covering issues such as adult and children’s oral hygiene, diet, routines, body autonomy, and preparing for dental visits and GAs.

How to Brush Someone Else’s Teeth – NSW Health – pamphlet
How to Care for your Child’s Teeth – NSW Health – pamphlet

Oral Health Care for Older People – South Australia Health. A comprehensive resource for residential care and home carers including booklets, videos, oral health assessment tools, self-assessment quizzes.